"Nouvelle Gekkeikan" is named after the French word "Nouvelle" which means "newness based on old things". Packed in a retro-style bottle that suits modern dining tables and Western-style table settings. The laurel-shaped mark engraved on the back of the bottle and the letters "GEKKEIKAN" are a discerning design that can be read from the front through sake. The shape of the bottle has been slimmed down so that it looks better on the table, and the light smoke-colored bottle, which is rare in sake, creates a sense of luxury.


Junmai Ginjo is characterized by its gorgeous and fruity aroma, a refreshing taste while feeling the taste of rice, and a sharp aftertaste. It is recommended to drink it chilled or at room temperature.


  • Category:Junmai Ginjo
  • Alcohol:15%

Nouvelle Gekkeikan 720ml/ Gekkeikan

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